Reusing Charts

Chart Output

You can reuse your chart design in four ways: (1) save it in the ‘My Charts’ list within Charticulator, (2) export it as an image file, (3) export it as a Charticulator template, and (4) export it as Power BI Custom visual.

Save As

You can save chart designs to the ‘My Charts’ list. Please note that your data and your charts remains local in your browser.

Save to My Charts

You can open the saved chart from the ‘My Charts’ list. Click the Open icon from the main toolbar to see the ‘My Charts’ list.

Save to My Charts

Export as Image

You can export chart designs as images in PNG and SVG format.

Export as Image

Charticulator Template

You can export chart designs as a Charticulator Template, which can be loaded as a chart compoent to create the nested chart. Once you click the “Charticulator Template” button at the bottom, a template file is created in JSON format. ( )

Export as Image

Power BI Custom Visual

You can export chart designs as a Power BI Custom Visual (.pbiviz), which can be imported into Power BI. ( ) Note that not all chart designs can be exported as a valid custom visual that can be imported into Power BI.

Export as Power BI Custom Visual

Nested Chart

Charticulaor allows you to create a small multiple, a series of similar graphs or charts using the same scale and axes, by using a nested chart (or a chart component).

You first need to select the “Group by” field of the Plot Semgment before adding the Nested Chart compenent to the Glyph Editor. For example, if you want to create a small multiples with 12 months of Boston Weather, choose the “month” from the DATE data column. Once the group by is applied, the guides layout within the Glyph Editor is updated accordingly.

Group by

To add a nested chart component to a glyph, you can drag it from the Toolbar and drop it into the Glyph Editor. Once a nested chart is added, you can edit it directly or import a Charticulator Template. Because a small multiple typically needs larger space than a single chart, it is a good idea to increase the chart size before editing the nested chart.

Nested Chart

When you click on the “Edit Nested Chart…” button, another Chaticulator will open in a new tab. Because the nested chart usually does not need as large margin as a regular chart, it is a good idea to decrease the margins of the chart before you edit the glyph. (The margin between the nested charts can be adjusted in the main Charticulator.)

Unlike the main Charticulator page, the header will have the “Save Nested Chart” button. Whenever you click this button, the main chart will be automatically updated.

Nested Chart Header

You can swtich back and forth between the main Charticualtor and the one for the nested chart.

Power BI Custom Visual

You can import the chart design, exported as a Power BI Custom Visual, into Power BI. Once its requird data fields are filled, you can see the chart within Power BI. ( ) In addition, the chart reacts to the event from other charts or slicers. For example, you can create a slicer using the Month value of the DATE value so that you can interactively choose the desired month to be shown. ( )

Power BI